Add background for product photos and bloom sales this 2023/24 festive season

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In this blog, we will guide you through steps on how to add background for product photos with, explain why you should do that, and have some background ideas for products to try this time. Then feel free to take advantage of 500+ templates to create amazing product photos and get more sales this season.

Forget boring product images. It’s time to transform them into eye-catching photos to target more potential customers and bloom conversions significantly this holiday sale season in 2023-2024.

Christmas and New Year are coming and the demand for online shopping increases significantly.  You shouldn’t sleep on this chance to grow sales and earn more money. With, you can easily change the background and spark the festive atmosphere into product images.

How to add a new background for product photos

Let’s get straight to the first part of how to add a new background for a product photo on

Step 1: Remove the old background for the product photo 

remove the background for product photos
remove the old background for product photo

When you open, click on the upload button then upload your photo to the website, or drag and drop a photo. The old background will be automatically removed.

The AI of can separate the background for any product photos, from clothes, skincare, home tools, gadgets, and more.

Step 2: Add a new background for product photos

If you choose a background on, just click on the edit background button, hover over the lists of templates, and choose one that you love.

add a new background from
add a new background from

If you want to use your own background, in the editor, choose the button upload/ drag and drop. Upload your background and add it to the cutout.

upload a new background photo
upload a new background photo here


After uploading a new photo for background

successfully add a background for product photo

Step 3: Download the new image 

Background ideas for product photos

The background chosen for showcasing an item can make a major difference in how appealing it appears. Based on’s library of predesigned templates for background, we have popped up some ideas for you to change backgrounds right here, right now. Considering event-themed or iconic landscapes as backgrounds sets an intriguing stage, while even everyday indoor and outdoor spaces can substantially accentuate products. Let’s explore.

Holiday background for product images

Holiday-themed backgrounds for product images can evoke the feelings, emotions, and excitement of audiences. This can lead to increased click-through rates, product views, and ultimately, sales.

This time is the best time to change the background for product images with the Christmas and New Year festive atmosphere. Decorate product images white snow, sparkling green pine trees, and cozy fireplaces. On, there are Christmas and New Year backgrounds which are ready-made for you to choose from. If you don’t like them, you can swiftly upload a new background on your own as we have guided above.

example of adding Christmas background for photo
example of adding holiday background for product photo

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Beautiful landscape background for product photo has updated the library with 300+ templates for famous destinations all over the world. If your products are aligned with the traveling theme, why don’t you change the background for product photos into well-known places with a caption: Bring [the product] everywhere you go?

add wonders of the world background for product photos
Add wonders of the world background for product photos

Famous locations can be instantly recognizable and visually appealing, grabbing attention and drawing viewers in. Moreover, they can create a narrative around your product, adding context and highlighting its potential uses or benefits.

Minimalist background for product photo

Going minimal with your background is the way to go for making product images pop! Clean and simple backgrounds put the spotlight right where it should be—on the main attraction, the products themselves.

Without distracting colors, patterns, or props stealing their thunder, you can highlight each item’s design and functions. Plus, nothing complements a cool, contemporary gadget or sleek clothing label quite like a muted gray or crisp white backdrop. Negative space makes shapes and textures pop.

add mininal background to product photo

Not feeling pure minimalism? Try a subtle brand reinforcement by adding a small logo placard. Just make sure fonts and colors align with the chic aesthetic you want to get across.

Overall, think of neutral minimalist backgrounds as your canvas—products can shine as the art, conveying whatever stylish vibe you envision through color choices and creative positioning. And you can find out a lot of minimal backgrounds in the library. Try them and see the difference.

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Why add a background for product photos online right now?

the availability of background for product photos

If you have any ideas for adding a new background for product photos, make them come true right now. You may not fully understand all the benefits of a background for photos.

Enhance product visibility

Changing backgrounds boosts visibility and certainly, sales appeal. Spotlighting products against different backdrops draw more eyes and interest.

Control the mood and message

Matching backgrounds to the feelings of customers is worth your consideration in the growing sales plan.

Soft pastel Easter hues radiate cheerful springtime warmth behind the ornamental decor. Deep woodsy forests echo the rugged yet relaxing vibe of camping gear. Even sleek urban lofts project modern minimalism for tech.

Like that, you tug potential customers’s moods at the photos, making them feel positive about your product

More costing-saving for online sellers

Changing backgrounds digitally allows online sellers to get more value from a single photoshoot. Instead of renting an expensive studio, e-commerce sellers can take product photos once and then use photo editing tools like to put those shots against different backdrops later. This saves money by getting numerous customized images that appeal to different audiences out of one streamlined session. Creating fresh looks through background makes products stand out on all those important sales channels without breaking the bank!


As 2023 draws holiday shoppers in, the perfect product photos can translate to major sales. And to have perfect product photos, the background plays an important role. By complementing festive decor, seasonal spirit, or minimalist wintry elegance with enhanced background, your items stand out from competitors.  Let’s helps you to add background to product photos this sale season.

Don’t forget to visit our remove background tips and tricks blog for creating wonderful photos for many use cases.

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