How to Register for a Pro Remove-BG.AI Account: A Detailed Guide

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How to Register for a Pro Remove-BG.AI Account: A Detailed Guide
How to Register for a Pro Remove-BG.AI Account: A Detailed Guide

With Remove-BG.AI Pro, removing backgrounds with limitations and low-quality photo downloads is no longer a problem. So how do you register and use Remove-BG.AI Pro? Read this guideline and upgrade the experience with the Remove-BG.AI image editing software.

What is Remove-BG.AI Pro?

Remove-BG.AI Pro is an upgraded version of the Remove-BG.AI background editing software. Users must pay to access superior features and have more options for their wallpapers. With Remove-BG.AI Pro, you can create more impressive and professional photos.

Features of Remove-BG.AI Pro

Features of Remove-BG.AI Pro
Features of Remove-BG.AI Pro

Remove-BG.AI Pro offers more features and better image quality than the free version, including:

  • Unlimited image background editing with available templates
  • Support to upload images to the highest quality 24mp (6000x4000px)
  • Unlimited free 1270px photo preview
  • Change background colors and professional images, editing the cutouts to preferences.

Compared to the free version, the paid version offers superior features.

Feature Remove-BG.AI Remove-BG.AI Pro
Edit Image Background Unlimited Unlimited
Free Background Removal Yes Yes
Download HD Image No Yes
1270px Photo Preview No Yes


Guide to Purchasing a Remove-BG.AI Pro Account

To register and purchase an account, you need to do the following:

Step 1: Register an Remove-BG.AI account and manage it by your Gmail

Register your Remove-BG.AI account
Register your Remove-BG.AI account

Step 2: On the screen, you see the information about subscription packages, you consider and choose the appropriate package.

the information and subscription packages
the information and subscription packages

Step 3: Finally, you add an email and fill in your payment card information or use paypal to make a purchase. Your account will be upgraded to the Pro version of Remove-BG.AI.

Fill in payment information
Fill in payment information

With these simple steps, Remove-BG.AI Pro brings you the most professional and quality photos.

Frequently Asked Questions

Before upgrading to Remove-BG.AI Pro account, many users may have questions. Remove-BG provides further insights into the Pro upgrade through the information below:

What is Credit?

Credit allows you to use Remove-BG.AI to edit images with high resolution, 1 credit = 1 full image processing, which means:

With one credit, you can upload an image up to 24 megapixels, remove the background, edit the background and download it in high quality. Previews up to 1280px are always free on Remove-BG.AI.

Credits in a monthly package can be used within that month or transferred to the next month as long as you remain subscribed. Credits in a pay-as-you-go package are valid for 3 years after purchase.

Which plan is the best fit for me?

For designers who need professional, high-quality background removal services, “subscription plan” option is suitable and cost-effective.

For those who want good image quality but do not edit photos often, choose the package “pay as you go”.

What happens if I use more credits than I have in a month or a year?

If you use all credits purchased within a month, you can still remove background free but you will no longer be able to download HD images. Contact us or choose pay-as-you-go option if you need more credits.

Does the Remove-BG.AI Pro account automatically renew monthly or yearly?

If customers choose a monthly or yearly subscription plan and do not cancel the subscription, the payment will be automatically processed on the same day in the following month/year

What payment methods do you accept?

Remove-BG.AI accepts all payments via all major credit cards including Mastercard, Visa, Maestro, American Express, Discover, Diners Club, JCB, UnionPay, and Mada and PayPal

Where can I contact for support in purchasing packages at Remove-BG.AI Pro?

If you need assistance with account registration and purchasing or refund policy then please contact us via gmail [email protected]

The information we’ve just provided helps answer some of your questions about Remove-BG.AI Pro. To get the best experience using the image background editing software, register and use Remove-BG.AI Pro today.

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