10 ideal jewelry photography background and how to edit it with Remove-bg.ai

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Capturing the appeal of jewelry goes beyond exquisite pieces; it’s about creating a backdrop that enhances their brilliance. The article below will show you 10 dynamic ideas for the best background for jewelry photography with the Remove-bg.ai application. Explore this tool to amplify the beauty of each gemstone from minimalist to luxurious, setting the stage for captivating photos that are full of charm

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10 best backgrounds for jewelry photography

You can choose the best background for jewelry photography based on its type and the message of your brand. As you may have noticed, the backgrounds of most jewelry brands are either black or white. But this isn’t a set rule. There’s no legal requirement to limit yourself to basic jewelry photography backgrounds if you find plain colors boring.

It’s not as hard as you might think to get a jewelry photography background. Jewelry photos taken against a variety of backgrounds can still appear visually appealing.

White background jewelry photography

white background for jewelry photography
                                                                                          white background for jewelry photography

One of the best background for jewelry photography is white. White backgrounds allow for bright lighting, which draws attention to the tiny details found in many jewelry products.Additionally, it makes it simpler to edit jewelry product photos in order to get the perfect lighting, contrast, and composition. To maximize your investment, product photos with white backgrounds are also simpler to modify and reuse for different objectives.

Gray background

gray background

Gray or black backgrounds are an option if you want something understated and don’t want a black or white background. Gray looks good and brings out the best aspects of jewelry. It is a great jewelry photography background for advertising bright stones which makes the ideal backdrop for a jewelry banner.


jewelry on borek background
jewelry on borek background

Bokeh is an out-of-focus background in a photograph. When taking jewelry photos, you can try experimenting with different backgrounds. To give yourself enough room to focus on the product and blur the background, you can hang lights in a dark room and position your product far from the lights.

Wood background

jewelry on woody background
wood background

This organic component beautifully gives your shot more texture. All you need to do is set your subject up on the wood. Additionally, you can use reomove-bg.ai to alter the wood’s color exclusively to black and white while keeping the jewelry’s color intact.

Black sand

earrings on black sand background
black sand background

For jewelry photographydark backgrounds convey subtlety and luxury. Another option to think about is black sand. You can use black sand that you have access to or create black sand at home. Sand should be placed on black paper. You are free to experiment with the arrangement of the sand.

Gold background

rings on gold background
golden background

Gold has long been associated with wealth and elegance. Jewelry products are already considered luxury items, but for the priciest items on your list, you can use a gold background.

Silk background

jewelry on silk background
silk background

If you want something inexpensive, you might want to use a satin fabric cloth. Experiment with the arrangement of the fabric. In order to keep your jewelry in focus, try not to have too many folds. Jewelry items look good and elegant when worn in satin clothing.


model wear jewelry
model wear jewelry

Do you want people to picture themselves wearing your jewelry? People can more easily envision whether or not they would wear jewelry when it is displayed on them. You can spend money promoting your jewelry and winning people over if you have a modest budget.

Graphite background

jewelry on graphite background
jewelry on graphite background

Graphite is probably not the first thing that comes to mind. On the other hand, graphite makes a fantastic artistic backdrop for jewelry photography, particularly for vivid stones.

Book background for jewelry photography

book background for jewelry photography
book background for jewelry photography

A book or its pages can serve as a background for adorable little jewelry. Being the greatest alternative for the author’s original jewelry in a variety of shapes, it will enhance the shot’s mystery. Additionally, by using particular books as backdrops, you can establish a scene or narrate a tale pertaining to the jewelry you are taking pictures of.

How to edit background for jewelry pictures with remove-bg.ai?

remove bg ai interface

Here is a step-by-step tutorial on using remove-bg.ai – remove background tool to create best background for jewelry photography:

Step 1: Add a Picture

You can use the upload button or drag and drop the desired jewelry image into the designated area to upload it for editing.

Step 2: Elimination of Background:

The jewelry will automatically be detected by the AI and old background cut. It may take a little time. Examine the edited image preview. Remove the old background, isolate the jewelry precisely.

Step 3: Choose a New Background.

You have two main options when you add a new background to a photo using remove-bg.ai.

Remove-bg.ai generally gives you a choice of predesigned templates or backup backgrounds to choose from. Such templates can be all sorts of scenes-outdoors or indoors, abstract designs; solid color, gradient and textures.

Or you can upload your own custom background image. That way you can use any image at hand as the background for your jewelry photo. This may be a particular scene, studio setting, textured background or any other image you think will go well with the jewelry piece.

Step 4: Modifications (if necessary):

Look at the photo against this updated backdrop, and then edit it with available editing tools to make any necessary changes. Instruments of this sort could be employed to add or subtract details, alter Contrast, restrict edges so the jewelry shows up at its best on a revamped background.

Step 5: Complete and Download:

When you are satisfied with the result, fill in the entire image. Download the new picture, with its exciting backdrop.

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In conclusion

You have explored 10 options to pick for jewelry photography background. Luckiky, you don’t have to buy physical background because you have such a powerful background remover like remove-bg.ai

With its high degree of accuracy and efficiency, Remove-bg.ai makes background editing simple, leaving you with more room to be creative. You can choose ready-made templates or use your own, but the tool lets you create colorful scenes that emphasize each piece of jewelry’s unique appeal.

Learn more tips from Remove Background Blog to become a master in editing photos.

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