How to add a Christmas background to a photo? Free to design

Adding a festive Christmas background to your photos is a fun way to celebrate the holiday season. Photo editing may help you make Christmas cards, decorate your house or business, or share online happiness. Creating holiday sceneries from regular images is easy with the correct software, Christmas backdrops, and simple procedures. This is a comprehensive guide you need to how to add a Christmas background to a photo easily with You can combine our tool with other online photo editors to create amazing photos this Christmas that make audiences WOW!

How to add christmas background to photo online free with

Using artificial intelligence, the website can effortlessly erase the background of any photograph with only a single click. Upload your picture, and the program will handle the rest; no installation or downloads are required. Using, you can easily how to add a Christmas background to a photo

Using free Christmas background templates on Remove-BG.AI

Step 1: Navigate to Remove BG, then choose the “Upload Image” option. Pasting a URL or dragging and dropping a picture are other options. homepage
Upload your photo to remove the old background

Step 2: The tool will immediately blur your image’s backdrop after a little delay. The finished product may be seen in the preview, and a transparent PNG cutting out file can be downloaded.

Edit the background for the picture
Click Edit Background to change the Christmas background for the photo after cutting out the background.


Step 3:  Just change the background using the Edit button. We will show you many different backdrop photos for you to judge. Click the Category icon to see the Holiday category. Backgrounds with Christmas trees, lights, and snowflakes will be available in plenty. A filter may be applied to a picture by clicking the “Apply” button once you’ve chosen one.

Choose a Christmas background for your photo
Find your favorite background to replace.


Step 4: Use the controls and sliders at the bottom to rotate, resize, and reposition your backdrop and picture. Saturation, contrast, and brightness are all editable using the Adjust menu. When you’re satisfied with the outcome, hit the Download button to save the picture as a JPG or PNG.

Download your picture with a new Christmas background
Click to download the image after attaching the Christmas background.


Uploading your own Christmas background

If you are not over the moon with the ready-to-use Christmas background templates on, you can upload your own Christmas background picture.

Step 3: The steps to remove the old background is the same. In the step 3, insteading of choosing read-made backgrounds, you upload your own pic, like the following picture:

upload or drag and drop a new background

Step 4: New Christmas background is added to your photo then you can download it to your device

Xmas background is added
Xmas background is added then you can download it

The pros and cons of using to add Christmas background to photo (background remover) has it own pros and cons in adding a new background for photos.

100 free-to-use templates makes adding a festive Christmas backdrop to your photos is quick and easy. Simply upload your image and browse the ready-made holiday selection featuring scenes with Christmas trees, snow, wreaths, gifts and more. Their AI technology seamlessly removes existing backgrounds, conveniently preparing any photo for a seasonal makeover in seconds.

While these pre-designed yuletide options enable fast holiday personalization without graphics skills, the available choices are still limited. For a truly customized Christmas photo that matches your distinct creative vision, it may work better to design your own background with tools like Canva instead of relying on’s prearranged templates. Still, their instant holiday photo filters do wonderfully complement personal pictures with cheerful Christmas spirit at the press of a button.

However, Canva requires a Pro plan to access its advanced tools and exclusive Christmas elements and designs. Therefore, we pop up an idea to combine two tools to create Christmas backgrounds for pictures for free.

Combine and Canva to put your picture on a christmas background

Many options and creative flexibility for your Christmas background are yours when you combine with Canva. Famous for its extensive library of pre-made designs, photos, fonts, and more, Canva is an online design tool many individuals prefer. Add festive frames, text, stickers, and backdrops to your images with Canva. Using and Canva, you may create add Christmas frame to photo online free in the following steps:

  1. To use Remove BG to extract the image’s background and save it as a PNG, repeat the first two steps from the preceding section.
Download the cutout from Remove-bg
Click download to download the image after separating the background.


Note that: Canva requires a paid account to remove background.  Read more: How to remove background with Canva

2. To begin, visit Canva and either create an account or log in using the one you already have. Select an existing template or a custom size by clicking the Create a Design option. A social media post, invitation, blog banner, or postcard are all viable options.


create a design on Canva
Go to Canva and click “Create a design”.

3. You may upload the picture cutout by clicking the Uploads button on the left. Put it onto your canvas and adjust its size and placement.


Upload the cutout
Upload your photo after removing the background to Canva.

4. To see all the backgrounds, go to the left sidebar and click the Design tab. Their color, style, or category may be used as filters. Just put “Christmas” into the search bar to get a Christmas theme; you’ll get a plethora of festive backdrops with things like presents, wreaths, and decorations. To add it to your canvas, click on the one you choose. You may also change the background’s color, location, and transparency using the top toolbar.

Choose a free Christmas templates on Canva
Choose a Christmas template.

5. You may add stickers and graphics to your picture by clicking the Elements tab on the left. A few Christmas-themed items, including snowmen, reindeer, and stars, may be found. They are easily resizable and positionable; drag and drop them into your canvas. The upper toolbar also allows you to adjust their layer, transparency, and color.

add more free Christmas element on Canva to the photo
Add elements to the image for more vividness.


6. After you’re happy with your design, choose your photo’s file format and quality before hitting the Download button in the top right. Sharing the photo via email or social media is also another choice.

download the new picture to your phone
Click download to download the edited image.


Suggested Sources for Christmas Background Templates

free Christmas pictures for background
Freepik homepage.

If you don’t like free pictures and Christmas templates on Canva, don’t worry. Some websites that provide free and high-quality photos that you may use for your projects as bg xmas templates are:

  1. Unsplash: Here, you may find more than 2 million royalty-free high-resolution images for personal or commercial use. A gallery of holiday photographs is available [here].
  2. Pixabay: A website offering over 1.8 million free images, videos, and music you can use for any purpose. You can find a collection of Christmas images here.
  3. Pexels: You can find a collection of Christmas photos  on Pexels which provides access to more than one million royalty-free, high-quality images and movies for personal or commercial use.
  4. Freepik: A website that offers over 8 million free vectors, photos, icons, and PSD files that you can use for finding Christmas backgrounds.

Advice on how to take pictures against a winter backdrop

  1. Use natural light: If you want to take photos against a Christmas backdrop, it could be ideal to shoot in the early morning or late afternoon when the light is gentler. The shadows are less sharp since natural light is preferable for portraiture.
  2. Get creative with props: Put on a few festive accessories to complete the look! Wreaths, poinsettias, tinsel garlands, and stockings are lovely Christmas decorations.
  3. Use a tripod: A tripod is an excellent investment if you want to take pictures for a long time (to record, say, a family’s dynamics or a subject’s many postures and emotions). Above all else, it will stabilize your camera, making it much easier to get that ideal photo.
  4. Consider the composition: Make sure your subject fills at least two-thirds of the frame and contrasts sharply against the festive background for the best Christmas photo session results. Try out various vantage points; for instance, taking pictures from above and below might provide intriguing outcomes.
  5. Capture different emotions: Don’t limit yourself to staged shots. The most incredible pictures from a photo shoot are always when everyone is smiling and enjoying themselves. Those unscripted moments are often the most treasured, so capture them all.

Final Thoughts

How to add a Christmas background to a photo is one quick and entertaining approach to making holiday-themed photos. Professional picture editing software or services are unnecessary investments of both time and money. Canva and Remove BG are two easy and free online programs that you can use to alter the backdrop of your images and add different effects. To get other Christmas backdrop themes, you may also visit other websites. Whether you’re creating an invitation, a postcard, a social post, or a blog media post, you can use these tools and ideas to make stunning, unique images that will wow your loved ones.

Never miss out on a tip on Blog Remove-BG.AI to design images like a pro.


Can I use and Canva on my mobile device?

If you possess a smartphone or tablet, you may download the applications for and Canva.

Can I use my photos as backgrounds for my images?

You can use your photos as backgrounds for your images. You can upload them to or Canva and use them with any other background.  Then You can also adjust and edit them as you like.

How can I print my images after adding a Christmas background?

After adding a Christmas background to your images, the high-quality files are ready for printing using a printer or a printing service. You can also utilize Canva’s print service to have physical copies of your designs sent to your house. Further details about the Canva print service can be found. 

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