What Is The Best Background Color for Product Photography to Grow Sales?

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Why removing background of a picture is important
Why removing background of a picture is important

Among thousands of color combinations, do you know which one is the best background color for product photographyWhite, black, or blue? There will be no exact answer because it depends on product niche, product color and more.

If you feel choosing a color for product background is like a maze, let’s explore the most popular colors as well as tips to choose the best one from this blog. For sure, you will get a satisfying picture at the end to engage more customers and grow sales.

Why do product photos need a good background?

Your customers are not over the moon to see a messy product image. It doesn’t look professional. And it also doesn’t reflect your products’ appearance the best. As a result, customers leave your page and go to another store.

Through online shopping people can’t touch and see products in person. Therefore, images play such a vital role to engage customers. To make a product photo look good, we can’t ignore the importance of choosing a good background color.

With a well-chosen appealing color background, people solely focus on the product that you are trying to show. Aesthetically pleasing product photos can lead to higher engagement. They can evoke emotions and persuade customers to make a buying decision.

With a consistent color background, you also reinforce your brand identity. Customers will recognize your products more easily when they see a familiar and cohesive backdrop.

Best Background Colors For Product Photography

For the reasons above, you might want to look for the best color backdrop for photos of your own brand. Do you know what colors are used by most successful online businessmen? Let’s explore.


White color

As long as white is not your product color, it is the best and the most popular one to opt for background color. It offers a clean, uncluttered backdrop, allowing the product to take center stage. This neutral hue doesn’t compete for attention or distort color perception. The result? Your product shines, revealing every detail and hue. White background color can go well with a variety of products, from clothing, jewelry, to gadgets, and more.

On several ecommerce platforms, using white background color is a must. White backgrounds make it easier to edit product images, especially when removing the background to create a transparent PNG file. This is particularly useful for overlaying products on different backgrounds or using them in graphic design projects.


On the flip side, ever considered a black background? Black color works wonders with products that boast bright colors or a sleek, luxurious aesthetic. It creates a sense of depth and drama.

So the deep contrast makes colors pop and amplifies the perception of luxury and sophistication. Moreover it compels viewers to focus more intensely on the product.

Light gray color

Light gray color

Light gray color has been the most trending background color for product photography in recent years. At the middle between black and white, light gray color offers a harmonious blend of simplicity and depth, yet still offers an elegant look that pleases our eyes a lot.

However, be careful with using this background color. Only brightly colored or highly reflective products, for instance, can really pop against gray. Additionally, understated aura can benefit from this subdued choice.

Other light background colors

Beige, blue, pale pink, yellow, orange are worth being mentioned in the list of best background color for product photography.

Beige, for instance, communicates simplicity and naturalness, often used for eco-friendly or artisanal products. Blue is associated with trust and reliability, excellent for products like technology or health supplements. Pale pink is soft and calming, perfect for beauty or wellness items. Yellow, bursting with energy and optimism, can add a lively backdrop for playful or creative products. Orange, as a warm, inviting color, might be used for home goods or food items to evoke a sense of comfort.

How to apply the best background color for product photos

Now let’s learn 4 essential tips to choose the best color background for product photography.

Keep it simple

Simplicity prevents distractions. A simple background color like plain white or black ensures the focus remains squarely on the product. Secondly, it avoids color clashes or distortions. A neutral or simple backdrop won’t distort the product’s actual colors, ensuring they’re accurately represented.

Follow your brand’s color theme

When choosing a background color for product photos, remember to choose one that is in harmony with your brand color. Think of a brand color’s palette and use them consistently. Your brand awareness will be improved a lot through a color theme.

Adapt background colors for various e-commerce platforms

If you want to optimize product visibility and user experience, remember to adapt background colors for various e-commerce platforms. Because, each platform has its own layout, theme, and audience, requiring strategic color choices. For instance, on a minimalist platform like Amazon, a white background can complement the aesthetic. Meanwhile, a vibrant backdrop might suit a more youthful marketplace like Tiktok..

Use tools/software for editing and post-processing


Finally, for the best product image, don’t forget to take advantage of AI tools or software for edits. Tools and software will help you easily change, adjust, or remove the background, ensuring it complements the product and enhances its appeal.

You can maintain a uniform background color across all product photos, creating a cohesive and professional-looking online store. More wonderful, you can easily try with other colors for backgrounds until you find the most eye-catching one.Remove-bg.AI is a good supporter to help you remove background online for product images, allows you to compare options then select the most captivating option that resonates with your target audience.

Remove-bg.AI is a good supporter to help you remove background online for product images, allows you to compare options then select the most captivating option that resonates with your target audience.

It’s time to experience the ease of creating stunning visuals that leave a lasting impression.

Bottom line

Whether you are e-commerce entrepreneurs or professional designer, you can visual storytelling to new heights with the best background color for product photography. You have learned the best options as well as tips to get started. Don’t forget to try remove-bg.ai today and witness the magic of effortless background editing for your product images. Join the thousands of satisfied users and unlock the true potential of your visual content.

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