Create Chinese new year cards and pictures with Remove-BG and Canva

Sending unique and meaningful Chinse New year cards is one of the best ways to express affection and best wishes for Asian relatives and friends. With the development of today’s technology, you can easily create online greeting cards according to your wishes without having to spend a lot of time and money. The article below will guide you how to create Chinese New Year greeting cards and images with Remove-BG and Canva for FREE!

How to create Chinese New Year cards and pictures 

Making Lunar New Year cards and photographs with can greatly simplify the image preparation and editing process.

You can concentrate on the artistic side of creating your cards and photographs instead of worrying about difficult selections or cuts thanks to the tool’s ability to automatically remove backgrounds from images.

With just the following 4 simple steps, you can easily create Chinese New Year greeting cards for your loved ones.

Step 1: Remove background for picture, logo, icon to make it transparent

You first need to access the  on your device. Then click Upload Your Image: Select the picture, logo, or icon that you want to make transparent. 

Access and upload photo

The tool will automatically process the image and remove the background.

With Remove-BG, you are able to create unique icons, elements to add to greeting cards.

Step 2: Upload a Lunar New Year background to that picture 

remove background for chinese greeting card elements

Once you have a transparent picture (such as a logo, icon, or object) without a background, you may quickly add a Lunar New Year background. The next step is to locate and upload a background that you want to utilize with a Lunar New Year theme. Festive features such as lanterns, dragons, zodiac animals, or colorful traditional patterns could be included. 

Resize or reposition the transparent image as needed to fit and complement the Lunar New Year background. Ensure that the composition looks visually appealing and balanced.

Step 3.  Download it to your device 

Add background to greeting cards

Once the result meets your needs, click the Download to save the image as a JPG or PNG.

Step 4:   Upload a new picture to Canva to add text, icons, graphics,…

You can upload the finished image to Canva and add text, icons, and other elements to give each card a more vibrant and unique look.

Create a new design
Upload the Chinese greeting card to Canva for further edting

It’s important to remember that creating a new Canva account or logging in to an existing one is required in order to modify.

By selecting the Upload button on the left after logging in, you can upload the cropped image. After placing it on your canvas, change its dimensions and orientation.

Next, select the Elements option from the left menu to start adding stickers and graphics to your photos. There are certain things with a Lunar New Year theme. Layers can also have their color, transparency, and other properties changed using the top toolbar.

add more elements, text, graphics on Canva to the card
add more elements, text, graphics on Canva to the card


Once you are satisfied with your Chinese New Year greeting cards, select the file format and quality of your photo before clicking the Download option in the upper right corner. Another option is to share the picture via social media or email.





Download the final design to your device
Download the final design to your device


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Sources to get Chinese New Year background 

You will find Chinese New Year backgrounds for Chinese New Year greeting cards at several places. Here are some great sources to explore:

Stock Photo Websites: Collections specific to Chinese New Year are available on platforms like Shutterstock , Adobe Stock and iStock…

Free Stock Image Websites: It is possible to find free high-resolution images, including those related to Chinese New Year themes at websites like Unsplash or Pexels. 

Graphic Design Marketplaces: Websites such as GraphicRiver , Creative Market often have many different design assets including Chinese New Year backgrounds designed by graphic designers. 

Chinese Cultural Websites: Websites associated with Chinese culture, festivals or tourism may provide free copies or downloadable materials of resources for New Year in China which consist mainly of backgrounds reflecting the essence elements such as lanterns, symbols, dragons and zodiac creatures.

DIY and Craft Websites: Websites related to DIY projects or crafting offer free printables or downloadable backgrounds that can be used in making cards, invitations and accessories for the celebration of Chinese New Year.

Why create Lunar New Year greeting cards and pictures? 

The symbolism of creating greeting cards and images during Lunar New Year extends beyond the realm or art. This is the embodiment of genuine connections and cultural respect.

These creations are not merely forms of visual art—they act as vessels for good wishes and harmony, traveling across miles carrying blessings, prosperity and joy. Such pieces contain personalized messages across which warmth and ties between families, friends, communities are tightened.

The cards and images of these artistic envelopments represent respect, appreciation for the culture, passing on blessings ,and cherishing each other’s hearts during this auspicious season.

In Conclusion

With Lunar New Year 2024 coming to China, using Remove-BG and Canva for creating free cards and images is an excellent way of honoring tradition while spreading joy through shared celebrations. Use the Remove-BG tool to remove backgrounds in images, then use Canva for creating colorful and mood elevating Tet cards and pictures. This process is not only helpful in the production of distinctive pieces but also demonstrates creativity as well respecting this significant holiday. Let’s share happiness and good fortune with everyone during this forthcoming Lunar New Year period!

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